Vector cat portraits

Portraits of animals created in Adobe Illustrator

THE Glenlivet On-trade Point of Sale Elements

Concept illustrations I created for THE Glenlivet's on-trade point of sale

Digital Portraits

Digital portraits that I painted in Photoshop.

Afrocentric In Perspective Digital Magazine – The Growth Issue

A digital magazine that I designed for AfroCentric.

Red Bull Amaphiko Connect Folder

For Red Bull's Amaphiko Connect bootcamps, I helped design and produce this bespoke folder for a group of young entrepreneurs.

Niknaks iKasi Lama Kasi Digital Campaign

Character designs created for Niknaks' Ikasi Lama Kasi digital campaign.

Red Bull City Life

Concept work for a creative and premium gift for Red Bull to send to outlet owners who stock their product.

Nedbank Monthly Report Toolkit

A data visualisation corporate identity dashboard that I created for the Nedbank Monthly Report.

THE Glenlivet Festive Value-added packs

Designs for The Glenlivet's yearly special edition holiday pack.

THE Glenlivet Influencer Packs

The brief Irish whisky stalwart, THE Glenlivet wanted to create an eyecatching and memorable influencer pack that paid tribute

The Bell Jar

It’s been a few years since I first read The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath, but one scene has always stayed with me. Esther,

Machine_Wall Murals

Digital agency, Machine_, was moving into a new office in the Cape Town CBD. This gave us an opportunity to custom design our


Don’t Go

The Birth

Astrology Cats


Catfish? Mew maids? Nay… Purrmaids. Many names can be attributed to these slinky sea creatures. They are notoriously fond of

The Fynbos Unicorn

Cat Séance

Delicious Cake

Digital painting might seem challenging because of the learning curve of using digital tools, but the real challenges relate t

Mandela Day Illustration

Lucky Wasabi

Since I was about 15 years old and discovered fineliners, the large majority of my work has been in black and white. I remembe