Digital Portraits

One of my main artistic goals in the last couple of years has been to improve my mastery of colour, light and shadow and anatomy . As a graphic designer I haven’t had any formal art training beyond my last three years of high school. Instead I learnt about typography, print design, branding and Photoshop.  In an effort to bridge the gap I have been making a concerted effort to draw from life and have taken up painting – both digital and traditional.

What better subject matter to pique my interest and test my skills than cats? The drawing of cats offers multiple challenges: intricate coat patterns, a full face of fur and shiny marble-like eyes. 

An anonymous ginger tabby

Raj Nel

Minerva “Minnie” Nel

Having painted a couple of cats, a commision came up that gave me the opportunity to test my new-found skills on a subject of the canine persuasion.

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