Machine_Wall Murals

Digital agency, Machine_, was moving into a new office in the Cape Town CBD. This gave us an opportunity to custom design our space. Something central to everyone at Machine_ is our mantra of “Never Afraid”. We are Never Afraid aof the unknown or of doing things differently. Of standing tall or standing up for what’s right. We wanted to take this internal mantra and make it external, to bring it to life for all to see. So, we designed the Never Afraid wall mural. 

Wall 1
Wall 2
Wall 3
Machine Wall_Pgoto

Over a series of three adjacent walls we see the illustration morph to show the three stages of our battle: the face off, the fight, the victory. As the stages progress, so do the illustrations: “isolation” finds a companion, snarling dogs become subdued, the fear creature loses its head.

We illustrated Machine_ going up against our fears, shown as a monstrous creature. The creature was a dark maze of hidden details, putting together words and drawn interpretations of fears from “the blank page” to “failure”, from creepy dolls to death. The matte black and gold wall defines our new space, a clear daily reminder of our purpose.

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