Pony of the Sea | Katya Wagner

Aquarius Cat


An A5 giclée print on Felix Schöeller Tru Fibre Mat paper (frame not included).

Why giclée? Giclée, pronounced ‘zhee’clay’ is a method of digital fine art printing that utilises an inkjet printer to create a fine spray of ink. As far as art prints go, the quality of a giclée print is unmatched, and when done correctly a giclée reproduction is the closest match one can get to an original artwork.

When it comes to longevity, giclée is archival quality, meaning that when printed on an archival paper such as Felix Schöeller Tru Fibre Mat, it can last between 100 and 150 years if cared for properly.

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Aquarius  is the eleventh astrological sign. Traditionally depicted as a water bearer pouring water, my version of Aquarius is a cat knocking over a jug of water – same result. The constellation of Aquarius draws its legend from the myth of Ganymede, a Phrygian youth so beautiful that Zeus fell in love with him and brought him up to Olympus to be his cupbearer – hence the water bearing. Somewhat unintuitively considering its visual motif, Aquarius is an air sign and not a water sign.

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Dimensions 0.05 × 14.8 × 21 cm

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