Delicious Cake

Digital painting might seem challenging because of the learning curve of using digital tools, but the real challenges relate to the things that have occupied artists since time immemorial. Light, perspective, colour and shading still form the basic tenets of any art piece. If you are looking to draw something vaguely realistic, you need to keep things in mind. 

Since I left high school, I more or left paints behind, preferring to focus on linework. There is however immense benefit to practicing photorealism in art. As they say, sometimes you have to learn the rules so you can break them. I more or less have cruised through past few years rule-free, and in a way that’s quite limiting. You need a starting point of understanding and reference against which to judge your progress.

At the same time, there is a reason I’ve always been drawn to linework. The satisfaction comes more or less instantly at the tip of a pen. There are no long pauses as innumerable layers of paint need to dry, one by one. The boldness of a solid line is satisfying and striking. I didn’t want to lose that element. Sure photrealism is impressive, but aside from the appreciation for technical prowess, it doesn’t delight me in quite the same way as stylised linework.

This cake, then, is a hybrid of two aspects – the prowess of quasi-realistic painting and the gratification of intricate linework. As someone whose painting muscles are strophied from years of lack of use, the going was slow and infuriating. This type of practice is invaluable, however as it forces you to work exactly what you are doing wrong. 

The image I referenced was the Chocolate Kahlua Cake with Buttercream Frosting by My Incredible Recipes

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